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Aeroview GPS Video Drone

Conduct Your Own Aerial Photoshoot with Vivitar’s All New AeroView GPS Video Drone, Now Available in Walmart Stores

Vivitar, a legacy family brand of fun and affordable tech products, is releasing the all-new Aeroview GPS Video Drone - a quadcopter drone with a built in camera, in Walmart retail locations across the country. The Aeroview GPS Video Drone comes standard with the popular follow me function along with a full HD camera with a live video feed and real time transmission. This new drone can be synced with Vivitar’s free app to use its camera to follow your motion, and also offers an articulating wide angle lens to show views of all the action. This is Vivitar’s smallest GPS drone to date, and coming in at the incredibly affordable price point of $129.99, it’s the most affordable as well. The drone is perfect for anyone looking for a new hobby, and capturing stunning aerial views of life’s cherished moments, including family outings, sporting events, concerts, and more!

The Aeroview GPS Video Drone features real time GPS transmission to help keep it locked in position and not drift away, while getting great footage of all the action below while filming from the air. The auto trim function keeps the drone stable to ensure that every flight goes as smoothly as possible, making it easy for even a first time user to capture professional grade footage. One key return and auto hover are convenient features that lower the learning curve of mastering the flight controls. Simply press the return key and the drone will return to where it took off without any additional input. With the follow me function via the app, the drone can track the user’s every move while it follows behind at a safe distance. The HD camera allows users to transmit video in real time up to 1000 feet away from the remote.

“There’s no retailer we’d rather partner with for the release of our cutting edge video drone than Walmart, the largest in the world” said Edward Cohen, Vice President, Vivitar Technology Division. “This is our most compact and affordable drone yet, proving once again, Vivitar strives to make top of the line technology readily available for the everyday consumer. This drone is ideal for anyone interested in drone flying and photography, and will suit first time flyers and veteran’s filming needs.”

The Aeroview GPS Video Drone is now available in Walmart stores nationwide, and retails at $129.99 For more information, visit

About Vivitar 
Vivitar designs and manufactures affordable consumer electronics ranging from on-trend digital lifestyle products for millennial consumers to cameras and accessories for amateur and professional photographers. With a rich heritage dating back to 1938, the company's portfolio today spans mobile and audio accessories, cameras, and a constantly evolving array of specialty products in emerging electronics categories. It also is the largest supplier of digital still cameras, camcorders and accessories around the world, harkening back to its origins as an importer of photographic equipment and its subsequent development of industry-leading mass-market cameras, lenses and flashes. A division of Sakar International since 2008, Vivitar is headquartered in Edison, NJ, with offices in the United Kingdom, Latin America, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, and global retail distribution through more than 100,000 mass market and specialty locations. For more information, visit or follow the company on social media at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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