HD Waterproof Action Camera


  • If the LCD image is not clear when shooting, how can the focus be adjusted?
    When taking photos and the object is within 80cm, use the Macro Mode which is a Submenu of the Effect Mode.
  • The flash is not working. Why?
    The camera might be in macro mode. Macro mode is useful for close-up photography where using a flash would result in overexposed photos. Take your camera out of macro mode to regain use of your flash. You may also have problems using your flash if your camera is running low on battery power. In such instances you should try recharging or replacing your batteries.
  • The files on the memory card do not display smoothly when the LCD shows the "!" marking.
    The "!" means the SD card is low speed or has the wrong content inside. The way to solve this condition is to format the SD card with the camcorder instead of the PC (Please refer to the Format section of the instructions).
  • Why do some of my indoor pictures look blurry and dark?
    Your camera extends each picture's exposure time under low light/ indoor condition. Keep the camera (and photographed subject) steady for several seconds when taking pictures in these conditions. The shutter will sound when the picture has been taken.
  • Why doesn't my camera turn on?
    Make sure that the battery is inserted in the correct direction. Also, make sure that the battery has sufficient power to power on. You may need to replace or recharge the battery.
  • Why doesn't my camcorder take pictures or record video?
    It is possible that there is no more storage space available. You should either replace the memory card, or delete some of the files on the memory card in order to create room to record more video. If this does not work, you may need to either try using a different memory card, or format your existing memory card.
  • Why isn't the Image displayed on the LCD monitor?
    Your digital camera can only display picture images. It is possible that a memory card with non picture images (recorded with another camera or loaded from a computer) is loaded.
  • Why are the images blurry or out of focus?
    Make sure that the video camcorder was not shaking excessively when the image was captured. Also make sure that there is an ample amount of light available when recording video.
  • Why are images I recorded not saved in memory?
    Make sure that the video camcorder was not turned off immediately after recording before the images are saved in memory. Also be sure that your memory card is properly inserted in your camera.

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