Technical Specifications

  • Available forCanon, Nikon
  • VIV-DF-586-CAN681066535851
  • VIV-DF-586-NIK681066201312
  • Dimensions:7.25"x7.25"x2.25"
  • Weight:1.25lbs


Digital Macro Ring Flash

The Vivitar DF-586 Dedicated Macro Ring Flash delivers the "shadowless" direct light ideal for macro photography. It comes with rings to attach to lenses with 52, 55, 58, 62, and 67mm fronts, it has a (100 ISO) guide number of 18m, E-TTL for Canon, and an exposure confirmation auto check lamp. It delivers approximately 150-200 flashes on a battery charge and recycles in 2-3 seconds. The angle of illumination covers lenses 50mm and longer (35mm equivalent) and it's powered by easily found AA alkaline, MiCAd, or Ni-MH batteries. Batteries are not included.


Available for Canon, Nikon


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