Technical Specifications

  • FormatAA/AAA
  • Cell TypeNiMH
  • Capacity:900mah
  • UPC:6-81066-57887-2
  • Dimensions:5.50"x8.75"x1.25"
  • Weight:0.40lbs


Vpower Compact Battery Charger with 4AAA NiMH Batteries

Capacity AA-AAA Compatible

Recharge up to 1000x, and save hundreds of dollars compared to other batteries. The Vpower Compact Battery Charger comes with 4 AAA batteries, and can charge AA as well. Take tens of thousands of images with one charge. Environmentally friendly, along with a flip out AC plug that works with both 100 and 220 volt sockets worldwide, make it a perfect companion on road trips or vacations.


  • Includes: 4 AAA 2100mAh Batteries, 4 Slot AA/AAA Charger.
  • 900mAh AAA batteries designed for High Drain Devices.
  • Lasts up to 4x Longer.
  • Charger Fits AA and AAA Batteries.
  • Fully charges in 16 hours.
  • Subsequent charges will NOT reduce batteries capacity through memory buildup, unlike conventional NiCD batteries.
  • Charges 4 batteries at the time.
  • LED lights illuminate while charging batteries.


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