Technical Specifications

  • FormatAA/AAA
  • Cell TypeNiMH
  • Capacity:2100mah
  • UPC:6-81066-13840-3
  • Dimensions:5.50"x9.00"x0.75"
  • Weight:0.50lbs

Compatible with

Canon Powershot A1200, Powershot A1200IS, Powershot A490, Powershot A495, Powershot A800, Powershot SX130IS, Powershot SX20IS
Kodak C123, C143, C190, C195, Z981, Z990
Nikon L110, L120, L22, L24
Olympus FE47, SP600UZ, SP610UZ
Sony DSC-S2100

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Vpower Compact Battery Charger with 4AA NiMH Batteries

AA-AAA Compatible Capacity

Recharge up to 1000x, and save hundreds of dollars compared to other batteries. The Vpower Compact Battery Charger comes with two AA batteries, and can charge AAA as well. Take tens of thousands of images with one charge. Environmentally friendly, along with a flip out AC plug that works with both 100 and 220 volt sockets worldwide, make it a perfect companion on road trips or vacations.



  • Includes: 4 AA 2100mAh Batteries, 2 Slot AA/AAA Charger.
  • 2100mAh AA batteries designed for High Drain Devices.
  • Lasts up to 4x Longer.
  • Charger Fits AA and AAA Batteries.
  • Fully charges in 16 hours.
  • Subsequent charges will NOT reduce batteries capacity through memory buildup, unlike conventional NiCD batteries.
  • Charges 2 batteries at the time.
  • LED lights illuminate while charging batteries.


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