Technical Specifications

  • Format:100-240V
  • Compatibility:Charges Kodak Batteries: KLIC 5001, , KLIC 7001, KLIC 7003, KLIC 7004, KLIC 7005, KLIC 7006 KLIC 8000
  • Function:AC/DC
  • UPC:681066342442
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight:0.90lbs

Compatible with

Kodak M200, M341, M522, M530, M532, M550, M552, M575, M577, M580, M583, M590, SLICE

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Universal Battery Charger

Keep your digital camera's battery charged up and ready to go, wherever you go. The Vivitar Slim Charger for Kodak is compatible with a number of Kodak's rechargeable lithium ion batteries, perfect if you or your family owns more than one Kodak camera. It charges batteries in as little as one hour, and has an LED charging indicator to display its progress.


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