Technical Specifications

  • UPC681066455258
  • Dimensions6.25"x24.00"x4.5"
  • Weight2.00lbs


Camera/Camcoder Deluxe Kit

Our SK-500 Deluxe Camcorder Starter Kit includes a Deluxe Camcorder Case, which gives you and your digital camcorder the executive look. Its construction is shock proof and highly durable. It also includes neck strap.

The 50" Vivitar tripod is the perfect way to record videos. It has a 3 way fluid pan head and bubble level for steady and balanced shooting. Other features include a mid level bracing system, non slip adjustable rubber feat, quick release, and leg locks.

The Screen Cleaning Kit comes with specially formulated cleaning fluid. Use the microfiber cloth in a circular motion to clean your LCD Screen.


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