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Mini/Micro USB AC/DC Power Charger


Power your devices at home or on the go with these High Speed USB Chargers.  The car charger turns your automobile's power outlet into a portable power station for up to 2 devices that rely on USB power.  The slim designed home charger removes the need for cumbersome power adapters, reducing clutter while providing short circuit and overload protection.  The high speed 1000mAh will rapidly charge most devices in less than one hour.  Perfect for cameras, camcorders, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, and GPS units.  It is the ultimate accessory for those with numerous USB-powered devices.
  • Charges & Powers Any Portable Electronic Device with USB cable
  • Slim design and great for travel
  • 100-240V World Wide Use
  • Fast Charging 1000mah
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