Technical Specifications

  • VIV-HD3-43-52W681066510032
  • VIV-HD3-43-58W681066398296
  • VIV-HD3-43-62W681066338735
  • VIV-HD3-43-67W681066440599
  • VIV-HD3-43-72W681066247631
  • VIV-HD3-43-77W681066838013
  • VIV-HD3-43-82W681066886601


52mm-82mm .43x Wide Angle Lens

The Vivitar .43x HD is a wide angle lens attachment for SLR cameras and digital camcorders. It offers a much wider angle of view than your current lens' capability.  The anti-reflective multi coating and steel barrel design help you produce sharp photos and videos.

  • Gives wide-angle view .43x of host lens
  • Glass mounted with high pressure technology
  • Steel barrel design
  • Extreme speed auto focus
  • Infrared compatible
  • Five Year Warranty


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