Technical Specifications

  • Available Sizes 
  • VIV-30/3730mm-37mm
  • VIV-30.5/3730.5mm-37mm
  • VIV-37/4337mm-43mm
  • VIV-37/4637mm-46mm
  • VIV-43/3743mm-37mm
  • VIV-43/5243mm-52mm
  • VIV-46/5246mm-52mm
  • VIV-52/5552mm-55mm
  • VIV-52/5852mm-58mm
  • VIV-55/5855mm-58mm
  • VIV-58/5258mm-52mm
  • VIV-62/5262mm-52mm
  • VIV-62/5562mm-55mm
  • VIV-67/5867mm-58mm
  • VIV-67/7267mm-72mm

Stepping Rings

Thread Conversion

These conversion rings allow you to use a filter or other accessory of a certain size on a lens that has a different front ring diameter. For example, a 46-52mm stepping ring will allow you to use a 52mm filter on a lens that has a 46mm front ring diameter.  In the equation, the lens diameter size is mentioned first and the accessory size is mentioned second.


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