Technical Specifications

  • VIV-WB-58U681066658192
  • VIV-WB-72U681066950302
  • VIV-WB-86U681066790335

White Balance Cap

58mm, 72mm, 86mm

Calibrate your camera for accurate color anywhere with the Vivitar White Balance Cap.  Proven to be an accurate method to set color balance, it captures color correctly as the photo is taken in any lighting condition. It conveniently fits on any 62mm, 67mm, or 72mm lens.  Scene-specific light, combined with reflected light, is evaluated through the White Balance Cap.  The result is an accurate custom white balance set, which produces perfectly calibrated color.  No more time consuming corrections are needed in image editors to remove color casts. The Vivitar White Balance cap is convenient on the go, as it easily snaps on and off your lens.  Its water resistant and durable material makes it the perfect white balance fix for any shoot.


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