Technical Specifications

  • VIV-CL10-37681066548486
  • VIV-CL10-52681066364796
  • VIV-CL10-55681066538425
  • VIV-CL10-58681066325957
  • VIV-CL10-62681066871447
  • VIV-CL10-67681066407585
  • VIV-CL10-72681066134498
  • VIV-CL10-77681066468746
  • VIV-CL10-82681066145388


+10 Close Up Lens 37-82mm

The high quality optical magnifying lens is a diopter for close up photography, which shortens the close focusing distance of the lens. It allows the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale.


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