Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility: 
  • VIV-RC6-SONα900/α700/α580/α560/α550/α500/α450/α390/α290/α330/α230/α55/α33 DSLR-A230, A290, A300, A350, A330, A380, A390, A450, A500, A550, A560, A580, A700, A850, A900 Alpha Nex-3, Nex-5, Nex-5N, Nex-7, Nex-C3, SLT-A57, A65, A77 & Similar Models


Infrared Shutter Release

The Vivitar RC-6 Infrared Shutter Release simplifies taking group photos by enabling you to step away from the camera.  It's lightweight and easy to use.  Simply point the infrared remote control towards your camera, from up to 16 feet away, and press the button.


Since you are not in physical contact with your camera, this remote will eliminate any chance of camera shake.  This is especially useful for night time and low light photography, since the shutter will be open for longer periods of time.  The Vivitar RC-6 Infrared Shutter Release will expand the functionality of your camera, and improve your photos.




  • Thumb Activated Release Mechanism
  • Allows Picture Taking While Away From Camera
  • Compatible with "bulb" mode


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