Technical Specifications

  • CompatibilityNikon D90/D3000/D3100/D5000/D7000


LCD Digital Timer Shutter Release

The Vivitar RC-300 LCD Digital Timer Shutter Release allows you to capture incredible moments, without having to stay behind the camera.  This multi-function remote provides an automatic timer function, allowing you to choose the delay, exposure time, interval, and number of shots.  The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours.  The remote is designed so that you can use all of its functions at the same time.

The friendly, ergonomic design of the RC-300 Shutter Release makes it simple and easy to use.  It can even be operated with a single thumb.  The large LCD panel may be illuminated for better viewing in various lighting conditions.  The 3 foot cable removes your hands from the camera, and prevents shaking.  A two-stage release button lets you half press for auto-focus, and fully press to release the camera shutter.  The Vivitar RC-300 LCD Digital Timer Shutter Release is perfect for time-lapse photos, shots in quick succession, and HDR photography.


  • 3 Foot Cable
  • LCD Screen
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Works with Camera "Remote Control" Mode
  • Friendly, Ergonomic Design
  • Timer from 1 Second to 99 Hours
  • Interval Timer
  • Bulb - Long Exposure
  • Exposure Count
  • Can Use All Functions At Once


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