VIV-MIC-4 100-Piece Microscope Set

Examine your surroundings and enhance your scientific skills with the Vivitar 100-Piece Microscope Set. Complete with 100 pieces, a die-casrt metal microscope, camera adapter, and a projection device, you have all the necessary materials to transform your living space into a scientist's lab! The microscope offers a variety of magnification options with an impressive range from 300x to 1200x zoom. The carrying case that is included makes for easy convenience and portability of your microscope while the lightweight and durable construction results in a quick and easy assembly. The mirrored diagonal eyepiece featured on this microscope provides easy and comfortable viewing of subjects and never misses out on any important details. The kit comes complete with a variety of other fun scientific tools including a spatula, scalpel, magnifying glass, test tube, collecting vials, petri dish, stirring rod and so much more!