I Want to Be An… XO Programmer!

29 August 2013

The XO Tablet is the ONLY tablet that lets kids explore their dreams. Its unique interface has been designed by experts in education, and is comprised of twelve ‘dreams,’ like ‘I want to be an…’ Artist, Musician or Scientist, etc.  Each dream features a rich learning experience and applications, books, games and videos that allow kids to naturally explore their dreams and learn at the same time.

The XO Tablet’s ‘I want to be a…’ Programmer is an excellent way for kids to learn how to become a computer programmer, and addresses the growing need for children to learn computer science. From former President Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg, to Ashton Kutcher and Richard Branson, advocates for computer science are forming everywhere. Computer science is currently the highest paid degree and only 2% of US students learn computer coding in high school. There are 1.4 million computer coding jobs available and just 400,000 graduates to fill these positions! (source:

The XO Tablet offers play based learning applications for children interested in coding at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Preloaded games like ‘LegoDroid’ and ‘Turtle Draw’ make learning this valuable skill entertaining and easy! With a fun, hands-on approach, the XO Tablet brings collaboration and discovery to the learning process. To learn more about Vivitar’s full Android XO Tablet, you can visit The XO Tablet is currently available online at, and at Walmart.



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