¿Habla Español? Vivitar Launches the ONLY Multilingual and Google-Certified Tablet for Kids!

05 August 2013

¿Habla Español ¿Habla Español  


Though English is prevalently spoken in the United States, the US is also home to many families and communities whose members speak other languages. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than one in 5 school-aged children (21%) speak a language other than English at home. That number of bilingual speakers is projected to increase in the coming years. (

Vivitar’s XO Tablet was designed with bilingual families in mind. The tablet’s interface easily switches from English to Spanish! A simple tap unlocks over a hundred books, apps and games in Spanish, helping kids learn and play in the language in which they are most comfortable.  The XO is currently the ONLY multilingual (English and Spanish) and Google-Certified tablet for kids.

Future releases of the XO will support Italian and French!  According to a recent New York Times article entitled "Why Bilinguals are Smarter," Speaking more than one language has benefits beyond the ability to converse with a wider range of people. "Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age."

The American Speech Language Hearing Association, advocates for bilingualism, compiled a list of benefits of being bilingual: (source:


•Being able to learn new words easily

•Playing rhyming games with words like "cat" and "hat

•Breaking down words by sounds, such as C-A-T for cat

•Being able to use information in new ways

•Putting words into categories

•Coming up with solutions to problems

•Good listening skills

•Connecting with others 


The XO Tablet embraces multilingualism and encourages kids to learn in their native language as well as languages they may be learning. The XO Tablet is now available at Walmart,,, and! For more information on the XO Tablet, visit


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