Vivitar Partners with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) to Create the XO Learning Tablet

25 January 2013

Vivitar has partnered with an amazing organization, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) to create the exciting and highly anticipated XO Learning Tablet! The unique 7” full-fledged android tablet features a child-friendly user interface and offers a library of educational content, including pre-loaded books, games, videos and a curated app store.  

The XO Learning Tablet’s home screen shows the child a list of ‘dreams’ and aspirations based on professions like astronaut, artist, nutritionist, photographer, etc. After a ‘dream’ selection has been made, the child is taken to a variety of educational content relating to the theme of the profession. The child-centric learning tablet is recommended for children for ages 3-12 and is currently the ONLY tablet that supports the bi-lingual family. Separate English and Spanish content is available with the press of an icon, and additional languages will be added in future XO Tablet designs.  

The XO Learning Tablet supports One Laptop Per Child’s mission of “providing every child in the world access to new channels of learning, sharing and self-expression” that “empowers individual learning and growth.” In 2005 the MIT Media Lab project was launched to provide modern education tools to every child in the world through a connected laptop computer. To date, One Laptop Per Child has distributed 2.5 million laptops to children in 60 countries! The success of OLPC’s program has inspired the development of Vivitar’s XO Learning Tablet, a device that provides a modern educational tool that families can enjoy.

To learn more about OLPC, or watch OLPC’s mission video:



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