Thanksgiving Photo Tips: How to Take Your best Family & Group Photos This Holiday!

21 November 2012

Family & Group Photos for the Holidays This Thanksgiving, while the turkey is in the oven and you enjoy spending time with your loved ones, be sure to take some great photographs to capture holiday moments! With entire families together in one place and everyone in good spirits, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a group photo. Here are some photography tips for you to take your best family and group shots this year!

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Halloween Photography Tips

25 October 2012

From pumpkin picking on a farm to dressing up in creative costumes for trick-or-treating, Halloween offers photo opportunities unlike any other holiday. These fun moments can be transformed into memories that last forever when documented with great photography. To help you take your best pictures this year, we put together some great Halloween photo tips!

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How to Take Your Best Outdoor Photos This Fall

19 October 2012

Autumn has arrived across the country and the changing leaves are painting the landscape in beautiful colors. Crisp fall daysgive way to vibrant hues on the trees and fun fall activities can lead to amazing photography. Before trading in light jackets for heavy coats and snow boots, get out into nature and capture some beautiful imagery! To achieve photos with the best light and color, plan to shoot your photographs around sunrise or sunset.  Known as the “Magic Hours” of photography, taking photos around these times will produce images with soft light, highlighting the red and gold hues. For more control of the lighting in your environment, you may want to look into using a filter

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Sakar International, Vivitar's Parent Company, to Debut New Polaroid-branded Products in Europe and Latin America This Fall

27 September 2012

Sakar International and Polaroid Expand Existing Licensing and Distribution Program; New Thin, Lightweight Still & Video Cameras, Handheld Scanners, Android Cameras Offer Innovative Features, User-Friendliness Backed by Polaroid's Quality Reputation.

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Which Photo Finish Should I Choose?

29 August 2012

Typical photo finishes include: matte, glossy, lustre and metallic. Lustre and matte finishes are usually the best choice for framed photos.

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