How to Take Your Best Outdoor Photos This Fall

19 October 2012

Autumn has arrived across the country and the changing leaves are painting the landscape in beautiful colors. Crisp fall daysgive way to vibrant hues on the trees and fun fall activities can lead to amazing photography. Before trading in light jackets for heavy coats and snow boots, get out into nature and capture some beautiful imagery!

  • To achieve photos with the best light and color, plan to shoot your photographs around sunrise or sunset.  Known as the “Magic Hours” of photography, taking photos around these times will produce images with soft light, highlighting the red and gold hues. For more control of the lighting in your environment, you may want to look into using a filter


  • Another great time to take photos is right after it rains. The wet leaves reflect light, adding an artistic look to your photographs.


  • A stunning way to capture the beauty of autumn leaves is through a reflection in a pond. To do this, make sure the sun is at your back and place the horizon line in the upper third of the image. This will draw the most attention to the reflection.


  • Be sure to vary your close-up and landscape photos; it is important to capture the small details of your walk/hike (wildlife, flowers, insects, leaves, a rock) as well as the big picture. To add interest to your landscape photos, try to focus on something that adds visual appeal to your photo and frame your picture with it in the foreground. This will give depth to your picture and the foliage will add framework.


  • The beauty of fall can be overwhelming and you may want to attempt to capture everything you see in a single photo, but don’t clutter your image with unnecessary objects! Simple, focused shots will yield the best results.


  • Take photos from all different angles: hover above objects, look up into the trees, take pictures from the ground; be creative!


No matter which activities brings you outdoors this season, we hope these photography tips to help you document your experiences! Click here to view our latest cameras and accessories to help you take your best photos.


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