Which Photo Finish Should I Choose?

29 August 2012

Typical photo finishes include: matte, glossy, lustre and metallic. Lustre and matte finishes are usually the best choice for framed photos.


  • Lustre is the favorite choice of many photographers because it reflects light less (less glare) and hides fingerprints better than other finishes


  • Matte photos are printed on a coated paper and give your images a soft, beautiful look.


  • Glossy finishes show contrast very well and result in vibrant photo prints. If choosing a glossy finish and printing at home, it is important to choose a high quality printer and ink! Glossy photos that are printed at home have the potential to have a low-quality look if you are not careful.


  • Metallic finishes are the ‘new’ glossy finish. Metallic finishes work best with black and white photos, but color photos look great with metallic finishes too!



Keep in mind: there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ type of finish to choose – it is a matter of preference!


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