Vivitar Launches New Line of GNC ‘Smart’ Health & Fitness Gear

01 April 2014

Bluetooth-enabled Activity Trackers & Health Monitoring Tools Make it Easy to Track Weight Loss, Fitness and Overall Health Goals with a Mobile Device Getting and staying in shape just got smarter with a new line of GNC “smart” health and fitness gear by Sakar International featuring built-in Bluetooth technology to help users track and achieve fitness goals.

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Vivitar Evolves to Become a Lifestyle Brand of the Digital Era

20 January 2014

No. 1 Supplier of Cameras & Accessories Shifts its Focus to Include Broader Range of Consumer Tech for the Modern Age  On the heels of its 75th anniversary, Vivitarhas solidified its position as a full-spectrum consumer tech company for the digital age, expanding its product line to include all the accoutrements of life in the modern era. Now, as the digital era marches on, Vivitar is evolving to meet a broader range of consumers’ needs, enabling anyone to ‘Share Your Life’ with simplicity and ease.

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I Want to Be An… XO Programmer!

29 August 2013

The XO Tablet is the ONLY tablet that lets kids explore their dreams. Its unique interface has been designed by experts in education, and is comprised of twelve ‘dreams,’ like ‘I want to be an…’ Artist, Musician or Scientist, etc.  Each dream features a rich learning experience and applications, books, games and videos that allow kids to naturally explore their dreams and learn at the same time.

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The XO Tablet - the Perfect Tool for Summer Learning!

09 August 2013

The XO Tablet is the perfect tool for kids to prevent the ‘summer slide,’ a term used to describe the knowledge that is lost when young minds sit idle for three months while schools are closed for summer break.  

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